Texting while Driving is Illegal – and it’s Deadly Dangerous

Texting while Driving is illegal – and its Deadly Dangerous


If you are texting while driving – you are breaking the law. Teenagers are not allowed use of any cell phone hands free or not. They can use a cell phone in an emergency. They have parents, law enforcement and the schools reinforcing the dangers – and it should be. Texting while driving is considered distracted driving. As a distracted driver, you will be responsible for any accident you cause. You can tell how prevalent and dangerous texting while driving is by the number of injury lawyers in Colorado advertising. We see lots of adults texting and driving. We see parents texting everyday driving kids to school – heads down, thumbs busy is a pretty scary sight. Drunk driving was not taken all that serious a few decades ago. It is now. Texting while driving is as distracted or as incapacitated as drinking  4 beers. According to the National Highway & Transportation Administration (NHTSA) website,


Texting causes 1.6 million accidents per year. A recent fairly serious accident involving a car hit by a texting driver occurred during the school commute. There was property damage and physical injury.  As Aspen lawyers, we agree with and support the law against texting and driving.  We also believe it should be enforced rigorously at least with warnings at first. A friendly honk is the way to go. It’s better than a groundswell after a tragic accident. New Jersey has tough texting while driving laws.   Causing injury there while texting and driving can bring up to 10 years in prison and up to $150,000 in fine.  This is inconsequential if you seriously hurt or kill a pedestrian or another driver or passenger. Matt Ferguson’s observation is that it is generally the same small group of drivers who are guilty. How about all safe Aspen drivers help the situation with a honk. Colorado children have been killed and will continue to be by these unsafe people.  Texting while driving – just knock it off.


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