Libertarian Party of Colorado wins suit against Secretary Gessler

Denver, Colorado — The Libertarian Party of Colorado has won the lawsuit filed last Wednesday the 7th, 2013 against Secretary Gessler in Denver District Court for violating provisions of the Colorado Constitution that provide fair access to the ballot by all qualified candidates.
The Libertarian Party of Colorado faced unified opposition from Democrats and Republicans in their suit to uphold the Constitution of Colorado. In a great victory for the preservation of the Colorado Constitution, the rule of law, and election integrity, Denver District Court Judge Robert McGahey ruled in favor of the Libertarian Party of Colorado in their lawsuit regarding the recall election Monday.
“It was a pleasure and thrill to represent the Libertarian Party of Colorado who stood up in defense of the Colorado Constitution. The Libertarian Party was able to prevail in a case that placed a century old Constitutional provision governing recalls over and above a recently enacted election bill. I am proud to have represented the Libertarian Party leadership as they fought in a bid to see the integrity of our Constitution maintained. ” said Matthew Ferguson of Matthew C. Ferguson law firm in Aspen Colorado.
This lawsuit has impact far beyond just the recall election with the ruling that HB13-1303 was incompatible with the Constitution. The voters of Senate Districts 3 and 11 can rest assured in the Constitutionality and integrity of these recall elections now, regardless of the outcome.
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