A plea to the patron of lawyers, St. Thomas More, guides us daily. We ask, in pursuit of our profession, that:

“I may be able in argument, accurate in analysis, keen in study, correct in conclusion, loyal to clients, honest with all, courteous to adversaries, trustworthy with confidences, courageous in court.”


Ferguson Schindler, P.C. is a preeminent Aspen law office with great rankings and excellent client and judge ratings. And adherence to these words is our pursuit. As Colorado attorneys, we represent clients in many district courts and our federal courts, as well as courts throughout the country. High-profile individuals, entrepreneurs, and major corporations are proud to be our clients. Every small business will be treated as if it is the giant that we know it to be. Although our reach in Colorado is broad, representing and getting to know our own neighbors and communities in the Roaring Fork and Vail valleys is a privilege and joy. We have local, regional, and national clients, and we love nothing better than clients dropping into our beautiful Aspen, Basalt and Gypsum law offices. You are always welcome to discuss a legal matter or just to reminisce about an old case or a great deal you made. If we’re busy, we will always get back to you.

As attorneys in Aspen, we have the best of all worlds. It’s a wonderful place where we can really make and see a difference. Cases here challenge us with sophisticated legal problems – the ones that stump the larger law firms. We can win a major commercial or complex litigation in Aspen, Denver, Glenwood Springs, or Vail. We will also bring our team and skills “on the road” to any mountain or Denver community in Colorado and beyond. Our Vail attorneys and Gypsum/Glenwood Springs attorneys help expand our reach.

We can and do win against any size law firm. We treat all matters — large or small — with equal intensity. Opposing lawyers should also be fans and we have many. If you wish that we had represented you before, our doors are open.

Finally, each of us is dedicated to our local communities, schools, non-profits, friends in need, environment, clients and families. Outside the office or courthouse, you will see us on a sideline, in a rink, at a community picnic, attending a concert, on the slopes, in a saddle, on a riverbank, in a pew or on a path/trail/ favorite camping spot. Give us a smile. We are here for you. Being a Colorado lawyer has its perks. Living in Aspen is just another blessing.


Community Involvement

Matthew Ferguson & the Matthew C. Ferguson Law Firm have supported the following organizations:

Aspen Education Foundation
Aspen Scholarship
Aspen Junior Gentlemen Rugby Club
Aspen Junior Hockey
Aspen Valley Medical Foundation
St. Benedicts Monastery
Theatre Aspen